Hey there! I’m Navajeet Chatterji, friends call me Nav.

I grew up in Ft. Worth, Texas, and spent middle and high school in New Delhi. I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in Computer Engineering and Economics. My career began on Wall Street as an investment banker, but I soon transitioned into tech startups, helping friends build companies across the U.S. and India. In 2013, I decided to MOVE BACK TO INDIA TO BE closer to my parents. Today, I live just outside New Delhi with my wife, daughter, and our adopted indie, Ishka.

SHORTLY AFTER MOVING BACK I FOUNDED KHOOB® , DERIVED FROM "Khoob Bhaalo" (very good in Bengali) - my FOLK's reaction to the news of me moving back. KHOOB TODAY IS AN exploratory vehicle that lets me follow my passions in design and technology by building and investing in interesting ideas with friends. You can follow our journey by signing up for our annual newsletter here.

My HOMEPAGE IS A FEED of fun finds, creative explorations AND writing. I keep posts on the site for a year before archiving them.